Salad People
and More Real Recipes, a new cookbook for preschooles & up

Written and Illustrated by Mollie Katzen

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In the much-anticipated follow-up to Pretend Soup and Other Real Recipes, Mollie Katzen cooks up 20 new vegetarian recipes that kids as young as three can prepare themselves (with a little help from their adult assistant). As with Pretend Soup, Salad People is a series of do-together kitchen projects, with the child as chef and the adult as assistant.

This colorful collection of easy dishes allows young cooks to count, measure, cut (safely), mix, assemble, taste, observe - and most important, have fun, while gaining a lifelong healthy relationship with food. From TINY TACOS, COUNTING SOUP, CHEWY ENERGY CIRCLES, POLKA DOT RICE, to RAINBOW COLE SLAW and beyond, the recipes are for real food – straightforward and without gimmicks. Complete with kitchen tips, safety and behavior rules compiled by actual kids— and thoughtful observations on what children gain from cooking—Salad People is a model children's kitchen guide.

Praise for Salad People and More Real Recipes:
“If you've never cooked with kids before, begin with Mollie Katzen's ebulliently illustrated Salad People and More Real Recipes, showcasing 20 child-friendly food projects that focus on healthy ingredients, individual creativity, and hands-on fun. A section for adults introduces each recipe and provides tips on helping children successfully navigate the specifics, followed by a pictorial version appropriate for even the most inexperienced chefs (including pre-readers).”
–School Library Journal Curriculum Connections

"...Katzen offers another gold-standard collection of vegetarian, kidfriendly recipes in an artistic, innovative format."
-Review, Booklist, October 1, 2010

And the Critics Rave:

“Smell it! It's gonna be delicious!” -Kate

“Be careful because this might be too yummy for me to eat!” -Theo

“More please! I really liked it.” -Andrew

“Play Points: 5 (out of 5). --A delectable starter!” -Nick Jr. Magazine

“This is the best book to date on cooking with preschoolers.” -Scholastic Parent & Child

“A winner!” -School Library Journal

“You can toss a coin whether to give this charming cookbook, for preschoolers and up, to your favorite kid or to a food-loving adult who deals with children.”-San Francisco Chronicle

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